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praise for the WonderFull practices

When the world feels chaotic the practices help you to not tune out but to tap in, so you feel engaged rather than stressed. They provide a key to unlock sleeping parts of ourselves."-Caroline, Boston, MA

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praise for Supermindful the book

“When I first picked up this book...I have to confess I made some assumptions. And that’s the point. This book is absolutely fascinating, as it forces you to assess the way you see the world, judge situations and people, and choose (sometimes subconsciously) a given reaction or emotion. Well evidenced, and balanced with the author’s own significant experience, the book genuinely made me stop and think. Probably more than any other book I have read this year!...What I have learned will make me more considerate, more compassionate, and more effective as a human being. Eliza - thank you!” -Tim Rylatt, Managing Director, UK Growth Coach

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