Your creativity is the world's hope.

Strengthen it. 

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the more creative we can be in how we think and feel

the more options we have.


 challenges become opportunities


even life's smallest moments become filled with, well, life. 

Become Limitless.

Supermindful is a collection of practices, informed by science and the arts, that you can do anytime, anywhere to infuse your life with limitless creativity.

When the world feels chaotic the practices help you to not tune out but to tap in, so you feel engaged rather than stressed. They provide a key to unlock sleeping parts of ourselves."-Caroline, Boston, MA

where supermindful comes from 

  • The imaginative practices actors use to stand in new shoes: to think, feel, and live in new ways. Anyone can use them to do the same in life.

  • The mindfulness practices actors use to connect with the present moment in order to access full creative brilliance.

  • Informed by science, which tells us that in order to make new discoveries in how we live, work and relate we have to experience new things. 

Image by Chase Clark

Your imagination can take you everywhere, make you anything, and make the impossible, possible.

Supermindful lets you experience new things

 -new ways of thinking, feeling, and being-


that you can then use to create new possibilities for yourself and for the world, anytime anywhere through short, eyes open practices.​




*coming soon

To use as a mobile app, simply create a shortcut to your phone's homescreen :-)

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