Short recorded practices you can do anytime to help you

get unstuck and unlock your 

Enjoy an interview

with founder

Eliza Lay Ryan




practices in mindfulness and imagination to unstick your brain

imagination helps you see in new ways, so you can create what wasn't possible before.

mindfulness helps you see things as they are, so you can use life, as it is, to make you stronger, wiser, and more creative. 

together they make you supermindful 

Adventures in mindfulness and imagination

Practices you can do

with eyes open, anytime

to make you more creative,

resilient, and connected. 


Everything and everyone (even every part of ourselves) can be a catalyst for creativity, if we know how to see it that way.

Learn How

to be present to life as is, as we are, for more awareness and greater insight 


open to new ways of thinking, feeling and being, for more possibilities and greater adaptability

with the new book! (including 52 anytime, anywhere practices)

Can you imagine a world where



our default mindset?

Where wonder is commonplace 

 and everything we encounter feeds our genius?

Where everyone can more easily mine the riches of the present moment for its

wisdom and vitality?


Where everyone feels like they have more possibilities?

Allowing them to be more 


resilient & collaborative?

We can!

creativity makes us


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