Wonder Full is a world of short, fun, practical ways to nourish your awareness, resilience, and creativity, so you can access your natural superpowers, and live well.

These are your superpowers:

Your ability to be curious, your ability to empathize, your ability to imagine what isn't yet real, so new things -inside of you and outside of you- become possible.

Come play (: 


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Happy Woman

Connect with more kinds of 

people and ideas,

so we can make a better world.

Image by Eye for Ebony


new ways of thinking,

feeling and being.

Happy Man

Let the whole

of you be of service to you. 

Image by Gabriel Silvério

Get unstuck.

At Supermindful we care about access.

We keep the price low because we believe that you are more important than your money.

Our goal is for as many people as possible to use these tools

 so as many people as possible can be limitless: increasing their empathy, creativity, and resilience together.

So, share the love.


Practicing creativity together is even better,

so invite some friends to join you.

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