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about eliza

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"The more easily we can access curiosity, connection, and creativity the better lives we can have and the better world we can create. In fact, these are our superpowers. Our ability to be curious, to empathize, to imagine what isn't yet real in ourselves and outside of ourselves. The superpowers we need always, but especially right now."

Award winning author and Supermindful founder, Eliza Lay Ryan, has been teaching and learning about the how of curiosity for the past 20 years, first through the arts, and then through neuroscience, psychology, and business.


An actress, choreographer, director, teacher, and speaker, Eliza has an MFA from Boston University and has conducted neuroscientific research in mindfulness at Harvard and Brigham and Women's Hospital. She has led workshops for business leaders and doctors and has taught at Kripalu and has studied many different varieties of meditation. She has served as the Head of Acting for The New York Film Academy at Harvard and is certified in yoga, 250 hrs.

Having co-existed with anxiety, depression and almost-any-way-you-can-think-of-to-avoid-and-numb-discomfort-and-control-things for the first 28 years of her life, she needed to find ways to make life feel fun, full, and flourishing for survival's sake (a life that feels often dull, empty, and wilting or frightening, overwhelming and floundering is less than pleasant to live after all). And through that process she has discovered that she loves nothing more than learning and sharing about how we can all experience more and more creativity -the ability to think and feel in new ways that feel fun and nourishing, so new things can happen. Not so we can be "happy" all of the time, but so we can live fully: engaging whatever happens inside of us and outside of us with presence and curioisty. (At least it's a close second -and also indispensable- to chasing her toddler around.)

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