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Supermindful founder Eliza Lay Ryan is not an enlightened being.


She is a human, like you.


But her greatest passion is learning and sharing ways to support wonder, awe, and new possibilities.


And this is why: the more easily we can access curiosity, connection, and creativity the better lives we can have and the better world we can create.

In fact, these are our superpowers. Our ability to be curious, to empathize, to imagine what isn't yet real.


Discovering and sharing ways to support this seems really important.


So she has been teaching and learning about this for the past 20 years, first through theater and then through neuroscience, psychology, and business. 

She loves nothing more than helping people (including herself) experience more and more creativity -the ability to think and feel in new ways so new things can happen. 

Her interdisciplinary collaborations and research, looking at how we can be more curious, connected, and creative, has included working with Harvard neuroscientists, educators, and business leaders.


She has an MFA from Boston University's School of Theater and is a Certified Yoga Teacher (CTY250).


She also has a twenty year meditation practice in various disciplines. 

Eliza draws on all of this in crafting the intuitive, practices and prompts that make up Supermindful, but especially on acting: the home of curiosity and empathy-fueled creativity.


Actors learn how to make the everyday fact of being a human a creative act.


And we can all learn this, so we can ignite life with inspiration and live better. 

While acting and teaching acting in Boston, DC and New York, Eliza noticed that in an acting class and in rehearsal people were easily and playfully able to take different perspectives and were able to playfully and joyfully learn from them.


She wondered how we could harness the power of empathy to spark creativity and bring it into the flow of life. 

She has spent the past decade immersed in the literature of social science, psychology, philosophy, and wisdom traditions (building off of a foundation begun much earlier) exploring how we can make expanding our perspective playful and fun.

Eliza partners with leaders in business, education, science, and the arts and blends her own backgrounds in the arts, teaching, and researching to offer intuitive practices that help people spark creativity and empathy, increasing vitality, connection, and innovation. 

And she chases her toddler around. 


Everything and everyone (even every part of yourself) can be a catalyst for creativity, if you know how to see it that way.

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