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Eliza Lay Ryan is an actress, dancer, choreography, director, artist, musician, speaker, and author. She has created in Boston, DC, and New York.

Her interdisciplinary collaborations and research has included working with Harvard neuroscientists, educators, and business leaders. She has an MFA from Boston University's School of Theater and her Yoga Teacher certification. And she has a twenty year meditation practice in various disciplines. She draws on all of this in crafting the intuitive, practices and prompts that make up Supermindful, but especially from acting: the home of curiosity and connection fueled creativity. Actors learn how to make the everyday fact of being a human a creative act. And we can all learn this, so we can ignite life with inspiration and live better. 

She believes that the more we tap into our everyday creativity the better world we can create together. (Creativity allows us to more fully connect with our own experience and more easily connect with new perspectives, and, therefor, other people and new ideas.) In fact, she believes that creativity is the hope of the world and it calls on us each to be bravely and playfully whole and here, really here, which is to live well. 


She is also quite surprised that she now supports people in the exploration of this hereness, this wholeness, considering that she spent the first half of her life trying to avoid being present, celebrating perfectionism, trying to control everything, and avoiding feeling as much as possible. 


(Perfectionism, unchecked, can be a bad thing? Feelings can be helpful? Who knew?) 

So, because trying to avoid life didn't work (and, in fact, caused more trouble), she sees inspiration's use as not transcending, but illuminating our whole, human selves, and mining that for it's riches and information. Through this lens every moment of our lives has the potential to be filled with meaning, purpose, and interest. 

Creativity liberates us from just questing towards achieving a desired, static state, but instead invites us a full inhabiting of the small moments of our lives, that lead to us living fully. An invitation to experience and learn from what is, as well as to expand to imagine what else could be. Presence and possibilities. 

So how did that happen?

While acting and teaching acting in Boston, DC and New York, Eliza noticed that in an acting class and in rehearsal people were easily and playfully able to take different perspectives and were able to playfully and joyfully learn from them.

She has spent the past decade immersed in the literature of social science, psychology, philosophy, and wisdom traditions (building off of a foundation begun much earlier) exploring how we can make expanding our perspective playful and fun.

Eliza partners with leaders in business and the arts and blends her own backgrounds in the arts, teaching, and researching to offer intuitive practices that help people spark creativity and empathy, increasing vitality, connection, and innovation. 

And she chases her toddler around.​


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Everything and everyone (even every part of yourself) can be a catalyst for creativity, if you know how to see it that way.

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